Developer's Unconference

9AM to 5PM at the Lexington Central Library
An informal sharing of dev skills and cool things people have coded.

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If you've never participated in an unconference the basic idea is that at a conference the attention is on the stage, at an unconference the attention is on the attendees. It reverses the arrangement and that's why its an 'un'-conference. In practice, what that means is that the most attendees bring a topic to share and register those topics in the morning while we're munching donuts and coffee. Then everyone votes on what they'd like to hear about and we follow the wisdom of the crowd (democracy in action, folks!). You're also very welcome to come and vote and listen and learn even if you're too shy to give a talk. 

Plan for your topics to be 15, 25, or 40 minutes. We've going to group the talks by skill level as well, so we're sure to deliver information at the speed the audience is already at.

Your ticket will also include lunch, provided in Room A, where you can also interact with our sponsors (and maybe find a new job).

We're going to wrap the day with a panel discussion on Dev Life in Kentucky. And hometown hero Todd Willey will present a keynote for all to enjoy.

Speaker Title Length Time
Troy Fletcher The next generation of keyboards 40 10:00
Jacob Stoebel Honesty, Kindness, Inspiration: Pick Three 40 10:40
Justin Hall Intro to Flutter 40 11:20
Joe Blankenship Cryptocurrency Cultures and the Value of Blockchain 15 12:00
Ryan McQuerry WebUSB API and Thermal Printers 15 12:15
Matt Thacker  Developing Devlopers in Rural Kentucky 15 12:30
Joe Kratzat Testing in production 15 12:45
Jamie Snyder Parallels between Computational Chemistry & Machine Learning 15 1:00
Todd Willey Worldwide Operations 15 1:15
Steve Zwart Flutter Photo Word Finder app 25 1:30
Andrew Wyllie Serverless Architectures on AWS 40 2:00
Roundtable Chase Southard, Kelly Wright, James Smith, Matt Sparks   3:00
Keynote Todd Willey   4:00
The unconference was co-organized with

Kentucky Javascript Users Group Bluegrass Developers Guildkyphpug_logotype_red.svg

Entrepreneur's Fireside Chat

Anne Ahola Ward • Toli Lerios • Christine Lerios
3PM - 5PM at Awesome Inc 

An opportunity to spend a few hours with your fellow entreprenuers and
to meet our keynote speakers, to share your stories and learn from theirs.


Start End Activity
3:00 PM 3:30 PM Networking
3:30 PM 4:30 PM

Q&A moderated by
Keith McMunn with panelists
Anne Ward,
Toli Lerios &
Christine Lerios

4:30 PM 5:00 PM More Networking